One aspect of community art systems is the use of barter and trade as an integral aspect of life and the system of commerce. For those like my self and other starving artists who may be struggling to provide and support themselves while pursuing their dreams and loves the use of barter and trade is useful in supporting themselves. The use of time as currency in order to help develop and support projects is a funding principal I use in my day to day life. For example I own a home, in exchange for help completing home repairs and maintaining my home I have offered people free housing in exchange for a specific number of hours working on building a shed or fixing dry wall. Now barter and trade is an honour based system. As I tell people, “everyone gets me once”. This means once you break your word to me you don’t get another chance until you come through on your first promise. This means you may get one month living for free in my home but you don’t get a second month. If you don’t actually do the work you promised, as long as you haven’t caused more problems I am not really harmed by you not following through on your word. That lie was the cost of your friendship, my trust, and further assistance on my part. To me whatever I may have lost or given you was worth it to know your character. People that I continue to vouch for or represent are honest hard working people. They are people I know will honour their word and I believe that you should give everyone a chance to be a person of their word. I take it on myself, if they don’t complete a job I will do my best to complete it for them or find someone who will do the work for you

Honour integrity pride passion… This is what makes an artist an artist. Time is love. Love is energy. I invest my love, my energy in pursuing understanding and living life. I want to know how to do everything. I want to be good at everything I do. I do not understand why people try to take short cuts because you miss out on all much of life that way. Why would I waste my time and yours doing something that I don’t want to do, that I don’t like doing unless I feel like I have to? Why would I squander the time I have?

Sometimes situations arise where people have all intent to do something but due to unforseen circumstances they are not able to complete the task. This is one reason arts community system of holding the funds and allocating resources is important. A third party holding the capital of the investors ensures that the job is finished one way or another.

Also that the artist is able to afford day to day living expenses. To ensure the artist is able to eat, liveand otherwise support themselves is the top priority of arts community systems. I take time to personally ensure that my friends and loved ones have food and safety. I make sure that money is spent wisely in my house hold. I make sure that the basic essentials needed to complete a job are the first things bought and that there is enough left over to pay for other basic needs.

I expect the time I spend driving or otherwise helping the people I live with is compensated by helping clean or do work around the house.

My time is just as valuable as yours. Your well being is just as important as mine because when one of us falls the weight of that loss falls on everyone. One bad apple sours the rest.

Artisans and Patrons

History is important, more important is learning from history and using what has happened to make a brighter tomorrow. Two extremely important concepts for establishing and supporting innovation and creation are…( as defined in the dictionary)

Artisan –

  1. a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.

  2. a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.


    1. a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity.
    2. A
      customer, especially a regular one, of a store, restaurant, or theater.
  3. For the most part the world is filled with corporations. Corporations are the usual backer of the working man. Employing skills and creating… Mass produced but efficient products. Most companies strive to produce easy reliable, products that can be afforded by the average person so that they can sell to the middle to upper class on a national or international level.
  4. They may buy art but they buy the most beautiful painting once, or the rights to it, and then sell it in the most cost effective manner they can
  5. They spend millions studying the market and patterns of consumers so the 1% can make trillions.
  6. This is not art.
  7. Corporations are not artisans.
  8. Objects are made to be disposable, furniture lasts one time use. You cant pass it down from generation to generation taking pride in the craftsmanship and quality of the product.
  9. These objects aren’t original… Some lucky artist… One of thousands or trillions hit the jack pot or its digital media carefully designed through programs that calculate these things…
  10. But the frame garbage, the paper it will last until it gets wet. It will last until the sun strips it of color.
  11. Art implies inveatiture in the product, pride in what’s being produced, quality and craft man ship by design and beauty and innovation that will last longer then the latest fad.
  12. The statue of David, Venus de Milo, the pyramids, churches/stained glass/depictions of gods and saints, these are all great works of art… But if you notice all of these great works of art had rich financial backers or patrons. These individuals helped finance and develop the skills of young proteges and budding artisans so that they could master and develop their skills. Patrons of the arts would commission work to be done and materials were difficult to produce, quality product terribly annoying to create and develop. Creating quality paint that would survive the test of time and hold its color.. Nearly impossible a thousand years ago and trade secrets were extremely guarded (we still dont know how they preserved mummies for example) but science has developed to the point that anyone can afford materials to create their hearts desires.
  13. If you have a job that pays more then your food and living expenses you can afford basic arts and craft supplies that are good quality, the finest is still expensive… But having the time and ability to hone and develop.

Patrons are necessary to help fund artists on a day to day basis so those amazing beautiful great works of art can be created by today’s community. I am calling on all lovers of art to help fund and revitalize today’s arts community. To integrate art as a part of everyday life.