Projects   Projects

Arts Community Systems is essentially a non profit. I tried to set it up as a “for profit” in name (LLC) but soon realized that I’m not interested in becoming wealthy, but in helping people. Arts community was set up with the idea of figuring a way to connect people to art and each other. We are here to help! Therefore the projects I’m managing are all related to helping people and to efforts I care about.

Developing In This Order-

  • Tool Sharing Program/Shared Workshop/Workspace for Community Members (Donations of tools or temporary workspace until permanent space attain always appreciated)
  •  Communal recycled materials for creation of new art (Trading art supplies and creating mutually beneficial access to materials Always appreciated)
  • R.E.-SIN House – Project/Art funded housing for homeless community members (I have started this, tool sharing and establishing communal recycled materials within my own home)
  • Communal Garden
  • Sober Art Retreats Celebrating the beauty of art, love, and music
    • (Ultimate Goal of R.E.) – Holistic Therapeutic spa otherwise to be known as SPA Therapy
Community Projects that we Actively Support –
Supporting the GABIDDC Sustainable development project
Supporting the efforts of Joe Orlow’s projects

Past ProjectsPast contracts included an effort to market goats milk, which I found I didn’t have the resources to make successful. Goats milk proper is not marketable due to the high cost in the United States. A lot of people love it, but not at the price it is marketed it. Cows milk is subsidized, goats milk is not. Among immigrants it has a reputation for being cheap and so there is sticker shock when people see it in a store. Some would buy it anyway. If it can be sold with cheese it is more successful. Anyone wishing to market goats milk needs to also be marketing Goats cheese, yogurt and other products. I still have marketing material on the subject if anyone wants to pick up where I left off.