More About Frederick

I see Frederick as the heart of Maryland. It is the cross roads and pathway through which the culture and soul of Maryland Combine and merge with the rest of the United states. It is an hour away from DC and Baltimore and an half hour from West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The first time I visited Frederick I felt like their was something special about this town. Frederick combines the love of the history and culture of America with the fresh innovation and novelty of a college town. With a down town district that supports local businesses, local bands, and local artists and a sense of community which is seen in many small towns, but rarely in a town as large and developed as Frederick.

In the spirit of that community and innovation I wanted to create a place where local community members could reach out to each other and discuss local community issues in a productive and forward thinking manner.

Commissions can be paying or pro-bono. Please post estimated cost, and or resources allocated for project if available. Donations always welcome.

The goal – Artists Artisans and Community members can join together and solve community issues as a team. I like to stay focused on win-win proactive approaches to problems that foster pride and love for the community in which we live.

Remember when one member in our community succeeds, we all succeed by proxy.