Reaching out to the community

So I am going forward with a beautiful business idea and I want everyone to join. It is called Arts Community Systems. I am currently revamping the website and evolving an idea that both me and my father shared. This is a movement to create a local system to help artists and artisan (craftsman and other people who take their work seriously and take pride in their craft) directly buy sell and trade work. I am tired of capitalist corporate frame work within which we find ourselves. Arts Community Systems is like a localized think tank to help solve individual and community problems. I want to promote and support individual creativity and expression. I want to promote society helping society. I want to promote freedom of expression and the concept that each of us is a star. Each of us is a being of skill and potential and all of us have skills, ideas and potential to do amazing things if we have the opportunity, means, and motivation to do so. All of us also have weaknesses and problems that we could use some help with. Arts Community Systems is an anonymous anonymous donation/fee for service based system. A lot of times people have issues which they are embarrassed about or just dont know how to address. I used to be a therapist and I would talk to people about issues and I got so tired of talking to people about problems when in all truth the key to a happy and healthy life is to be DOING not talking. People complain about having issues with budgeting and for the most part we all know how to budget the key is to go out into the world and practicing and living the ideals and idea’s and living in accordance with our budgets. I want to live a life fixing problems not talking about fixing them. So I am going to offer a servicethat’s commonly called life coaching. You have a problem? You want to fix your house? You want to get fit? You want to find love? You have a problem with a friend? Lets get up and do something about it!!!! If I don’t have the skills you need I will find someone who has the skills. If you want to learn a trade, gain a skill, take your life in a new direction lets figure this out. They say it takes a village to raise a child, alot of us didn’t even have the support of our parents. Children raising children. Its time for the community as a whole to step up and work together to turn this world around and help all of us find our strength, skills, and understanding! Idle hands are the devils play ground. Not having motivation, purpose, or knowledge that life can be different is a big reason why people get stuck in unhealthy ways of being. By coming together as a society all the problems we face as a society can be addressed.

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