Supporting Hemp Growers

Arts Community is about creating artistic communities that are self sustaining systems. To do that we believe that we need to revive small scale, high intensity and sustainable agriculture; which is both an art and an applied science. Hemp is a valuable crop in a rotating crop schedule and a valuable industrial resource.

We support the Growing Warriors Veterans [see this page:], among others. Their:

“mission is to equip, assist, and train our military veterans with the skills they need to produce high quality, naturally grow produce for their families, communities and country.”

You may want to watch this movie:

I’ve met some artists, who’ve formed a group that promotes products that can be made from Hemp: You can also watch the Film “harvesting Liberty” A short film by Patagonia.

If you think this is a worthwhile cause, you may want to join the Hemp Growers AssociationHemp Industries Association (HIA) My friends hope to create a local chapter.